The Mission

Tell  of the saving death & resurrection  of Jesus Christ ;
Worship God  together as a group of His people;
Explain God’s Word, the Bible, clearly & faithfully;
Encourage one-another to grow in our love and obedience to Jesus;
Share the Gospel so that many people will find Real Hope in Jesus;
Love our neighbours in Jesus’ name.

The Vision

To see many people in Warragul and beyond become life-long, growing followers of Jesus Christ, who become actively connected to a Christ-centred Church.

The Motto – Real Hope In Jesus

The idea of a “motto” is to try to encapsulate in a very few words what it is that our Church is really on about. As Warragul Presbyterian Church, we know that the only real, enduring hope we can offer people for thifs life and for Eternity is the Lord Jesus Christ.
In particular, it is Jesus’ death for our sin, and His resurrection for our justification that gives us sure hope now and into Eternity (Romans 4:25) who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.
This is the real hope of the Christian Gospel, which The Church has always been custodian of.