Happy Mourning!

Part 2 in the series on The Beatitudes.

Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Listen in today as Ray explains Jesus’ words from Matthew 5 and expounds the context in which Jesus utters these words and their relationship to
Isaiah 40:1-11; who these mourners were and how we can be comforted in view of our sinfulness, our salvation, and our future place in the kingdom of God.


Good Friday Sermon: 2019

Why do we focus on Jesus’ crucifixion when so many others were crucified too?

The Roman’s used the tortuous and humiliating method of crucifixion to quell insurrection, sometimes crucifying thousands at a time.

What was so unique about Jesus being crucified and why do we continue to observe this brutal event?


Ordination & Finale

St Luke's Ellinbank
St Luke’s Ellinbank by Peter Eshuis Photography 2018

Today two new elders were ordained and Chris Dean preached his final sermon as Pastor at WPC. Chris & Julie will remain a part of our congregation, but following final approval with CMS they will be commencing 5 months of residential training at St Andrews Hall, Parkville in preparation for cross-cultural missions service.

God bless you Chris & Julie as you go forward in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will miss you, but you will remain close to us, in our hearts.

Ray Patchett will be WPC interim pastor for the remainder of 2019.